New Balance Sale On Now!

New Balance Sale On Now!

To make way for new stock we are having a sale on selected shoes in the new balance range! Hurry because we have only one or two left of each size!

Our Podiatrists Recommendations:

1500- great light weight casual, gym or racing suitable for most foot types and looks great!

860- great for those who 'pronate' (roll in), have flatter foot types, get shin splints (shin pain), plantar fasciitiis( heel pain) or patella femoral knee pain ( anterior knee pain ). These shoes are designed to help control the foot and minimise overuse injuries.

880- great for those that have a 'mid range' arch type or high arch foot type or for people that have controlling orthotics that want them to sit on a flat base. These offer great cushioning and if you are not prone to injuries when exercising then why change what works? 

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