3 tips to help fix heel pain/Plantar Fasciitis for good!

3 tips to help fix heel pain/Plantar Fasciitis for good!

Sick of that pain in your heel?  Is it worse first thing in the morning? or after sitting down? Throbbing by the end of the day? We hear all of these symptoms mentioned by our patients on a daily basis but what can you do to get rid of it?

It can depend on a number of factors and every case is different but if you follow these three rules most people will get relief.

1) Make sure you are wearing supportive, cushioned shoes as much as possible. E.g. lace up new balance joggers or rockport lace up shoes as an all day option and orthaheel thongs for around the house. 

2) Arch support- the flattening of the arch can put extra strain on your arch and aggravate your pain. If you wear an arch support in your footwear it will prevent the foot from getting to where the foot is aggravated again. Lace up shoes support the ankle, arch supports support the arch. (orthaheel products have sufficient in built arch support )

3) Ice & compression- Roll a frozen water bottle under your arch at the end of the day..it will help reduce the inflammation. Using compression helps to relieve the symptoms first thing the next morning so try the orthosleeve foot sleeve.

As with all foot pain the time to heal is proportional to the time spent on your feet and the time doing the right/wrong thing!

If you have found these tips helpful or have some techniques that helped you with your heel pain feel free to share so all our visitors can benefit.

Good luck!

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February 18, 2017

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